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Good vision is essential to a child’s development.

At Focus on Broadway we provide a full professional eyecare service for children of all ages. We take children’s eyecare very seriously and our experienced, fully qualified optometrist will make the eye test friendly and interactive. If there is a need for your child to wear glasses we have a large selection of stylish and exciting frames to choose from. We also stock a range of children’s sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays.

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Why should my child have an eye test?

Do not expect your child to tell you if there is a problem. Children assume the way they see is normal-they will not have known anything different.

It is reported that as many as 1 in 5 children have an undetected eye problem, which can be found by an optometrist during an eye examination. We therefore recommend an eye examination before your child starts school to identify any problems. The sooner problems are identified, the more likely your child will have good vision. For example, 2-3% of all children have a lazy eye, which is difficult to treat if the child’s eyesight has finished developing (usually around the age of 7).

It is widely acknowledged that the ability to see is crucial to the development and learning of young children. An eye examination will not only determine whether there is a need for your child to wear spectacles because of very common reasons such as short or long-sightedness, but also identify any problems like squints, lazy eye and colour deficiencies. Please tell our optician before your appointment if there is a history of these problems in your family.

What eye conditions could my child have?


Children find their eyes can focus easily on objects at a distance rather than up close to them. Objects at a close distance appear blurry and eyes may become tired easily. Long-sightedness can be corrected by wearing prescription glasses.


Objects can be easily seen up close but appear blurry at a distance. This is a very common condition which effects 1 in every 3 people in the UK. Short-sightedness can be corrected by wearing prescription glasses.


Your child’s eyes will not look in the same direction. One eye will look forward to focus whilst the other will turn inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards.

Lazy eye

A lazy eye is a condition where one eye has failed to develop sight as quickly as the other. This maybe because one eye is more short or long-sighted than the other. Squints may develop into a lazy eye so it is important to correct your child’s vision as quickly as possible before their eyes are fully developed.

Colour deficiency

Your child may find it difficult to distinguish between colours or are making mistakes when identifying colours. We are happy to test your child’s colour vision as part of their eye examination.


Astigmatism occurs if the cornea or lens is not shaped perfectly, this minor eye condition results in distorted or blurred vision. Many people who already wear glasses have some degree of astigmatism.

If astigmatism is left untreated it can cause headaches, eye strain and tiredness, particularly after doing tasks that involve focusing on something for long periods, such as reading or using a computer.

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How do I know if my child could have a problem with their vision?

It is unlikely a child will complain about the quality of their vision however, problems may show through their behavioural patterns.

These include;

  • Sitting too close to the television
  • Rubbing their eyes a lot
  • Holding objects very close to their face
  • Blinking a lot
  • One eye turning either in or out

If your child is experiencing any problems with their vision make sure you book them an eye test as soon as possible.

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How old does my child need to be to have an eye test?

A child can have an eye test at any age. If you have any concerns about your child’s eyes, you should have them seen as soon as possible. Children do not need to be able to read to have their eyes examined. Our optometrist may use picture charts and diagrams instead of numbers and letters to analyse your child’s eyes. If there is history of a squint or lazy eye in your family, or if people in your family needed to wear glasses from a young age, we recommend you have your child’s eyes tested before they start school.

A child's visual development continues until about 7-8 years of age, so it is important to identify any issues that can be treated early.

Who will be testing my childs eyes?

Mr Longhurst is a GOC registered optometrist with expertise in testing babies and children. He is also a member of the College of Optometrists, showing his commitment to the very highest clinical, ethical and professional standards. He makes the test friendly and fun for children of all ages!

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How long does the eye test take?

Usually an eye examination takes between 20-30 minutes. The sight test may take longer if the optician needs to use eye drops. They are used to stop the eye focusing so we can get a more accurate retinoscopy result.

How much does it cost for a children’s eye test?

Children under 16 are entitled to an NHS funded eye examination every year. They may be entitled to an earlier test if their optometrist has advised them to be seen more regularly.

How do I claim an NHS sight test for my child?

You must apply for an NHS funded sight test on the day of your child’s eye examination, a member of staff will go through and help you complete the relevant form.

For more information on NHS funded sight test, please contact a member of the team.

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How often can children get an NHS voucher?

Children will receive another NHS voucher following an NHS funded eye examination should they need new glasses. A repair voucher may also be issued to cover the cost of repairing or replacing glasses that have been lost or damaged.

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What type of lenses will be issued if my child needs glasses?

All of our children’s glasses come with super tough polycarbonate lenses as standard. These lenses are thin, lightweight and virtually unbreakable, making them the safest choice to combat a child's everyday wear and tear.

How do I book a children's eye test at Focus Opticians?

You can book an appointment now by using any of the following methods. A member of staff will check current availability and arrange a time and date which best suits you and your child to visit the practice.

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Contact the shop direct 01702 480607

Visit the shop: 57 Broadway, Leigh-on-Sea Essex, SS9 1PE

How much do you charge for children’s glasses?

Should your child require spectacles we have an exciting range of children’s glasses. Most of these are free of charge as they are covered under the NHS voucher scheme.

We do also stock a range of designer frames in-store such as Ray-Ban, Lacoste, Nike and D&G. These will cost more than the value of the NHS voucher so you will have to pay the difference. We try our best to follow the latest fashions to help children feel up to date.

What happens if my child breaks or loses their glasses?

Children's glasses often need adjusting from time to time and we will usually be able to rectify any problems in-store. They may also get a NHS voucher for replacement or repair but please speak to the optometrist who can advise you further on this

Try to encourage your child to look after their glasses. They should keep the glasses in a case when not being worn and try not to place the glasses lens side down on surfaces.

I need to ask a question not included in the FAQs?

You can contact any member of the team through any method on the contact us page

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